OH BOY, this one is for my fellow tennis babies!! Thanks to @babolat and @tenniswarehouse I was able to get an early demo of the latest and GREATEST Babolat Pure Strike Team strung up with my favorite string, RPM Blast @ 57lbs. My bro and fellow 4.5 dubs partner, @acusick10 and I, have three of the 2017 Pure Strike 16×19 racquets and will be quickly upgrading to this new edition. A quick review: . This new Pure Strike Team has WAY more pop on my biggest strokes — serve and forehand allowing a great deal of confidence in knowing that with my Extreme Western grip and desire for spin will allow the ball to hit my spots and stay well within the baseline. Given that the Team edition’s head is a comfy 100sq in, volleys were clean and I could finesse the fuzz off the ball. Slices came easier than ever and my touch and feel around the court were on another level. All of this combined with a sweet new design and inscription along the frame means I will be one of the first to have this in hand. If you’re on the fence about a new racquet RUN and pick up the new Babolat Pure Strike, it’ll knock your socks off — ill see you there. #babolat #tenniswarehouse #racquetreview #purestrike #kctennis #tennis