Dominic Thiem’s Racket: The Champion Tells the Story

Dominic Thiem, Austria’s Best Tennis Player

Dominic Thiem, the young Austrian and just 25 years old, is a remarkable tennis player currently ranked #4 in the world. What’s more, he’s a Babolat man. Thiem is the 2nd highest-ranked Austrian player in history, behind Thomas Muster (world #1 in 1996), and has won 14 ATP singles titles and reached 22 finals. Thiem is known as an aggressive baseline player, who is also a skillful defender. His groundstrokes are solid on both sides, with a heavy forehand and a tenacious, powerful one-handed backhand. Thiem is one of the few ATP players to use a one-handed backhand.

Dominic Thiem Talks Babolat

Thiem describes his first experience with the Babolat Pure Strike 3rd gen racket as “love at first sight”.  This was in 2018, and has never looked back . Thiem shared that from the moment he picked up the Pure Strike, he had “an incredible feeling straightaway on the court.” Such a compelling feeling cannot be forced or imitated. The player simply knows. And this is no coincidence. Babolat and Dominic Thiem worked together over the past year to develop the perfect racket for his game.

The new Pure Strike 3rd gen puts Thiem’s testing and insight to good use, both from an aesthetic and technical perspective. Babolat’s dedication to conceiving the ideal piece of sporting equipment takes time, passion and expertise – and the results speak for themselves. Thiem’s close connection to his racket shines through on court, and he has never looked more comfortable and confident on court than today with his Pure Strike racket in hand – a true joy to watch for tennis players and fans alike.

Thiem and Pure Strike Hand-in-hand

Thiem points out how stable the Babolat Pure Strike feels in his hands, providing the perfect balance of control and power. It is obvious how at ease he is with this high-performance racket on the court: any tennis fan can see that the man and the racket appear to be made for each other.  Thiem often plays the kind of tennis people love —dictating thrilling long rallies, crushing winners from both sides, and generally showcasing the methodical excellence that fans admire most in the sport. This brilliance stems not only from Thiem’s physical and psychological strength, talent and intelligence, but also from a racket required to play so brilliantly. In any field, you need the right tool for the job, and tennis is no exception.  

Beyond having the Babolat team minutely observe Thiem’s playing style and preferences to create the perfect racket, Thiem was able to contribute his own ideas to the design of the racket, making it a truly unique, personalized object. What’s more exciting than putting something you have helped created to good use? Thiem, being the true expert on the tennis court, was included in the design process to make sure no detail was overlooked. Thiem and Babolat is a solid partnership established on trust, knowledge, performance, and communication.