PRACTICE WITH PURPOSE . Coach Neil talks about practicing with purpose. The aim is to have a plan when we get to the range and not fall into the ball bashing trap. . Have a target in mind for each shot. Here we see Neil hitting a driver with a target in mind. Pick two posts/signs in the distance and challenge yourself to hit the shot between these two targets . Have real expectations and set yourself realistic goals that you can tighten up over time. We are on the range to improve. We do not hit 50 drivers in a row on the golf course so remember that in the range. . Challenge yourself, aim to hit 3 shots in a row between the two targets. If you don’t achieve this, have yourself practice something you don’t like practicing. This will create pressure . Neil is available for online lessons through the link in bio #strikecoaching . Let’s improve together . . . . #golfersireland #golfcoach #purestrike #pga #golf #golfer #golfswing#golfing #golfcourse #golfstagram #pga #taylormade #golfpro #golflife #instagolf