The serve is the most important shot in tennis. 100% of the time it allows the player to choose where to hit the ball and what spin to impart on it. The serve is also very difficult to perform as well as the pros. You need to consider the grip, balance, weight distribution, swing path, ball toss, point of contact, form, and so. One of the players who I try to emulate is Dominic Thiem. He has one of the best kick serves on tour and very very nice form for his serve. Let’s go into the differences and similarities of how I compare to him: Lower Body Posture (Picture 2): One of the obvious differences is how the power and momentum is going to be generated when hitting the serve. I have more weight in my front foot (left) where Im leaning my whole body towards the court also causing my back to arch backwards in order to look up towards the ball. Dominic Thiem has more of a balance of both his feet while pushing his hips forward which also allows him to have a natural fall back and not stress the back. Dominic Thiem has proper posture, allowing him to use his arm and body effectively. Upper body posture (Picture 3): Dominic Thiem demonstrates a really well “trophy position” posture. A excellent shoulder turn, left arm up to balance and guide the body, and the elbow loading up with the racquet pointing up and the face up, towards the net post. On my end I have a good left arm helping my balance and guiding me but on my right arm, my wrist is curled towards my arm, elbow is same level as should, and racquet face down, towards the net post. The main takeaway is the shoulder turn and elbow dip as this is what allows Thiem to generate a lot of momentum and power in order to put all that spin and speed into the serve. Small differences (Picture 4): My shoulder and chin have a gap in between while Thiem really has his arm up and leaned back with his body touching his chin. My hand in a palm facing diagonally up towards the sky while Thiem is opened up (like a high five) facing straight of into the sky. Swipe to the end for some huge kick serves from Thiem on court level view! @babolat #teambabolat #babolat #purestrike #dominicthiem