Welcome to the review of the Babolat Pure Strike 16 x 19. Thank you @babolat for this beautiful frame! The frame looks stunning with the new, and improved orange cosmetics added to the frame. It catches your eye when the racket is on the court. First impressions of the racquet are how smooth the frame feels. On mishits/frames the ball found its way on the court to the location I was aiming. The racquet adds a new sense of comfort, which is an added improvement. After suffering arm pain like many players; the frame added a new dampen feeling that lowered the discomfort for hours. Another improvement was the control. As I said before, even on mishits the ball was going in my desired direction. Another thing I enjoyed about the control was the power. In my game, I’m more focused on precision so the added power was a huge plus. While playing with the racquet, I discovered effortless power on my groundstrokes which helped with plays. This addition was a very nice touch with this new model. Again, this is effortless power, and no arm pain. Another benefit was the spin with this racquet. The spin was outstanding on this frame. The groundstrokes found more reach over the net compared to my other frames. The slices were premium to hit as well. After bringing the racquet to a tournament, my spin serves became an amazing weapon on the court. After playing a high ranked player and coming out of the match with some aces, I felt like this racket had given me a reward. Not only does the way the racquet plays make you feel good; but the cosmetic appearance makes you look good. All in all, the frame was one of the best frames I’ve played with. Not only were the factors of it great but it was overall a pleasure to play with. The spin, comfort, power, and control all combined into one frame was super cool. I would definitely give this racquet a high recommendation! In the future, we will try and get some matchplay footage out. Thanks guys. Be sure to check out @babolat.  #PureStrike  #Babolat