The new Babolat Pure Strike: Behind the Scenes

The Pure Strike’s Strong Suits

How exactly does the new Babolat Pure Strike stand out from the crowd? The New Pure Strike 3rd gen racket is all about control and power for the modern game.  The new Pure Strike has been designed to deliver sharp control with exceptional feel for offensive players who want to hit hard with full confidence. Players of all abilities are excited to get their hands on this exceptional racket as it pairs stability with responsiveness, in the most dynamic way possible. It is the perfect extension of your arm, with a unique feel that can make all the difference on court. Throughout intricate, measured testing, Babolat can conclude that this racket has better feel at ball impact and increased control. The new Pure Strike incorporates two major cutting-edge technologies – the C2 Pure Feel and Control Frame Technology for unrivalled command and stability. Overall, the New Pure Strike is the perfect companion for players seeking control from their tennis racket.

The Pure Strike’s Latest Updates

Here at Babolat, we have carefully listened to players to discover their needs, interests and desires when playing at their local club, local tournaments, or at professional events. Players want a racket that is accessible, practical, and of the highest quality to accompany them on court. The New Pure Strike has excellent playability, which is something maintained from its predecessor, the Pure Strike 2nd gen (#ProjectOne7). After receiving extensive feedback, Babolat decided to maximize the feel of the racket at ball impact. What’s more, the racket is thoroughly tried and tested by players and coaches alike. There is significant input and exchange in order to find the perfect mix and ideal answer to players’ needs. The hard work has paid off, resulting in an exciting, second-to-none product. Babolat works with “Control Frame Technology” which is a mix between a square beam structure and an elliptic structure, incorporating SMAC technology into the racket head to ensure optimum feel and control.

Inspiration For The Design

All products must be carefully designed in order to be successful. And what is design without inspiration? At Babolat, the key word in designing our rackets is trust. A racket is an extension of the player’s own body. It is what delivers the physical contact to the ball, and executing the perfect shot is impossible without the right tool. Players must be able to trust their racket and that it will do what they intend it to do. This concept has been essential in designing the New Pure Strike. Furthermore, we want the racket to stand out on court – so visibility is also paramount. Babolat’s product manager Alexandre Israel highlights the importance of “the red flashy color on the double line, but also that bumper that we re-worked to make sure that you can impose your presence on court.” Babolat incorporates style and contemporary flair into the New Pure Strike, making it a standout on the tennis court. World number 4 Dominic Thiem from Austria, was also intricately involved in the design process for this outstanding racket. The final product is a credit to the long and detailed journey that was taken to reach this point. Tennis players both today and in the future are thankful for the hard work and dedication of the Babolat team, players and coaches required to bring the world the exceptional New Pure Strike 3rd gen range.